About Artist

Born and raised in Southern California. Taught elementary school. Studied art at California State University L.A. & Fullerton. Opened an art gallery in Newfoundland, Canada with his wife Kathie. Sold scenes of fishing village life to collectors from around the world.  Returned to CA. Opened studios and galleries in Pismo and Shell Beach.  George taught art classes at the Lake and Zoo in Atascadero, CA.  He draws, paints, illustrates books, makes cards and prints, and creates poems.  Their daughter Christina is a fine artist.  His work is at The Gallery at Marina Square,  Morro Bay, CA (Revised 5/27/11)

  Great Grandma Louise Jackson Strong
(around 1911) published writer of stories and novels, and composer of published music; 
and mother of our Grandpa George Strong

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