Thursday, April 21, 2011

From my chap book of poems and art: Reading to Alligators

Reading to Alligators

At first the two alligators didn’t like my poems.

They swam by just to look at the drawings of fish.

Each time they came I read a little more to them.

After a while they began requesting certain short poems.

They wanted me to read my poems about fish.

After a year of reading to them they were requesting

poems on other subjects like flowers and the moon.

They would crawl up on the land to bask in the sun

and listen while I read to them. Eventually more alligators

came to hear the poems. The little beach became so

crowded with eight hundred pound, fourteen foot,

reptiles that I decided to leave while they

would still let me. I told the first two alligators that I was

going. They asked me if I would please leave the book.

I thought that a strange request; but I left it, and as I was

walking away I heard one of them reading out loud to

the large gathering. There was a lot of tail thrashing,

and happy roaring as my poems floated over this

Jurassic scene.